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Pensioner is Banned from every farm in Britain for molesting cows

LONDON:A pensioner who was caught molesting cows has been banned from every farm in Britain.

John Curno, 80, was found guilty of two counts of outraging public decency after he molested several cows on at least two occasions last summer.

He had been visiting Park Lodge Farm in Uxbridge, west London, for a decade but owners Ian and Susan Howie had no idea he had been molesting their herd.

Chair of the Bench Michael Akers adjourned sentencing until next month and imposed bail conditions banning the randy pervert from every farm with animals in the country.

Uxbridge Magistrates Court heard that Curno has previous convictions for arson.

Judge Akers said: ‘You have been found guilty of both offences and you will need to attend court at a later date for sentence.

‘There will be a condition of bail and that is not to attend Park Lodge Farm Estate including The Mill and Church Garden or any other farm with animals.’

After the conviction was announced farmer Ian Howie, husband of Susan who caught Curno pleasuring himself with the cows, said he was pleased with the result.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5336297/Pensioner-banned-farm-molesting-cows.html#ixzz55nFfEYHK

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