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Glowing tributes paid to Munnu Bhai at PHC London

LONDON:Civil society, journalists, writers and friends paid glowing tributes to late Muneer Ahmed Qureshi, commonly known as Munnu Bhai, at a reference held in his memory at Pakistan High Commission (PHC) on Monday.The Reference was presided over by Acting High Commissioner Zahid Hafeez Chuadhri.

Renowned broadcaster of the BBC Urdu Service Raza Ali Abedi, Ambassador Wajid Shamsul Hasan, Aqeel Danish, Elderman Mushtaq Lasharie (CBE), Muhammad Shahid Rassam, Ms Shahida Jarral and Dr Javaid Sheikh, Chairman Urdu Markaz London spoke on Munnu Bhai’s work and personality. They termed him an outstanding writer, poet and columnist of the contemporary age, who always wrote about common man and advocated the rights of the common people.

Speakers at Memorial Reference for Munnu Bhai: (from left to right) Acting High Commissioner Zahid Hafeez Chuadhri, Dr Javaid Sheikh, Raza Ali Abedi, Ambassador Wajid Shamsul Hasan, Elderman Mushtaq Lasharie (CBE), Aqeel Danish, Ms Shahida Jarral and Muhammad Shahid Rassam at the Pakistan High Commission on 30-1-2018

Munnu Bhai was commended for setting and maintaining high standards to promote truthful and constructive journalism. The speakers made special mention of Munnu Bhai’s popular TV dramas especially Sona Chandi which was one of the most popular drama in the history of PTV. He was remembered and recognized for his lifelong commitment to work for the Thalassemia affected children. As well, it was acknowledged with gratitude that Munnu Bhai donated his entire library to the Government College University Lahore in recognition of its efforts to promote drama.

In his concluding remarks, the Acting High Commissioner thanked the guests, the media persons and the speakers for their participation in the Reference. He said that Munnu Bhai would always be remembered for his great contribution to promote Pakistani literature, poetry and culture. “Munnu Bhai was very outspoken and played a very significant role in social justice through his work. His writings are based on facts and depict the ground reality, he said, adding, “We should continue Munnu Bhai’s struggle for social justice, and equality.”

Mr Chaudhri also commended the philanthropic pursuits of late Munnu Bhai. He said that acknowledging and paying tributes to great personalities of Pakistan is a regular feature of the High Commission’s activities and the Mission would carry on such social and cultural activities in future as well.


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