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Twitter’s 2017 list of most likes and retweets: Obama’s tweets land multiple spots

Social media platform has become an important tool for anyone to share their views, one of the most used micro-blogging medium Twitter is used not just by ordinary people but it is used by famous celebrities, important people and has even started movements that has changed modern times.

As 2017 comes to an end, Twitter released a list of most “liked” and “retweeted” tweets of this year. According to the BBC President Donald Trump, who has been very vocal on twitter and whose posts have become a key part of his communication strategy, couldn’t made it to the top 10 most retweeted or liked tweets this year.

Although his predecessor former President Barack Obama made it to the list with three of the most shared tweets of 2017.

Trump was, however, the most tweeted-about world leader, reported BBC.

Twitter revealed that the most shared tweet of the year 2017 was from a 17-year-old Nevada’s resident who asked a fast food chain ‘Wendy’s’, “How many retweets he would need to get a year’s worth of free chicken

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