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BBC to make documentary on the Weinstein scandal

The BBC has announced its plans to make a feature-length “definitive documentary” about the Harvey Weinstein scandal which drastically stirred Hollywood and created a global movement against harassment that manifested itself on social media through the hashtag #MeToo.

The documentary that is to be produced by BBC Two film will be directed by Ursula Macfarlane and will feature interviews with “the many actresses who have been brave enough to tell their stories”. It would also include interviews of reporters and other Hollywood insiders who were aware of the issue at large. In its report the BBC stated that the documentary aims to explore and examine how Weinstein was able to abuse his power and cover his tracks.

BBC commissioner Tom McDonald said it would “ask difficult and challenging questions about complicity, the price of silence and the corrosive effects of power”. “This film promises to be the definitive take on the Weinstein scandal,” he said.

“As well as revealing the inside story of the past few months in minute detail, it will also look to the past to tell the story of abuses of power within Hollywood since its very origins and chart the rise of Harvey Weinstein himself over many decades.”

“The breaking of silence over Harvey Weinstein is a watershed moment for the creative industries and for wider society,” said BBC Two controller Patrick Holland.

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