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It, in particular, talks about how the Chinese government develops human rights in this autonomy. «In 1955, the Chinese government established an autonomous region in Xinjiang to ensure the right of every nation to self-government», the publication said.

Creating the XUAR, the government implied the existence of such concepts as political rights, the right to religious beliefs, mass and cultural life, the rights of women and children, and much more. The fact that in any other area of ​​the Celestial Empire, no one was not particularly doubtful. And does not cause until now. In addition to Xinjiang itself, where, according to many foreign experts, not to mention the residents of the autonomy, all these beliefs, the principles of equality and even the political rights of national minorities, are severely trampled. Particularly degrading are the religious rights of citizens, in particular, those who profess Islam.

It’s no secret that several local conflicts are raging in the world, related to persecutions against Muslims. But on hearing – only a few, for example, the tragedy that has been going on for many years with the Rohinge Muslims in Myanmar. However, according to some Western media and a number of Muslim websites, residents of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, in particular, Uyghur Muslims, are also harassed by the authorities.

Two years ago, the International Union of Muslim Scientists issued a loud statement. In it, Islamic theologians sharply condemned the ban on fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, imposed by the Chinese authorities in the Muslim region of Xinjiang. It also contained an appeal to the Chinese government to respect the right of citizens to religious practice. «The continued persecution of Muslims on religious and ethnic grounds, especially in the Xinjiang Uyhgur Autonomous Region of China, contradicts both Chinese and international law», the document said. Representatives of the Union also appealed to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation – with an appeal to protect the rights of Muslims.

Oppression, however, concerned, perhaps, in general, all the Muslims of the region and this has been happening for many years. It is forbidden to hold a post, in particular, to members of the Communist Party, state employees and state employees, as well as teachers, students and schoolchildren. With some take the appropriate receipts. In them, Muslims, from young men to old people, «confirm that they have no religion, will not attend religious services and will show an example of incontinence of fasting in Ramadan». Halal shops were ordered to include in their assortment of cigarettes and alcohol. There were reports that local imams were forced to dance in public, and the public to swear that they would keep their children away from religion.

In Xinjiang, recent years, citizens under 18 years are prohibited from visiting mosques. In the mosques themselves – everything is strictly controlled. Behind what is happening in the prayer houses are monitored with the help of camcorders stuck there. But it’s ok to have cameras, their presence can still be somehow justified and even understood. But the Chinese authorities are consciously passing a certain line. Three years ago, officials installed a state flag at the mosques in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in an attempt to demonstrate their strength and humiliate the Muslim minority. This is what the believers themselves estimated.

«Beijing’s campaign for the repression of Uyghur Muslims, for the sake of stability and security, presupposes the dispersal of peaceful private assemblies conducted for the purpose of religious research and worship», said Katrina Lantos Svett, chair of the Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). «These violations predictably did not lead to stability or security, but just the opposite to instability and disorder», noted religious figures around the world.

On the eve of Ramadan and during the Muslim holy month, the authorities of Xinjiang openly interfered and invaded the private lives of Muslim professors. According to representatives of the World Uyghur Congress, officials and law enforcement officers repeatedly broke into the Uyghur houses, brought with them fruits and drinks and forced Muslims to violate the day’s fast. To identify the fasting among civil servants, during official hours officials were provided with free meals. And try, of course, to refuse. Those who followed the post were fined. Punishers tracked in the windows of houses in the morning light and where it was burning, people were arrested, fined and humiliated by the attitude towards believers, immoral and inhuman. Under the ban, everything related to Islam got caught – the police searched for people’s religious literature, forbade group studies of religious writings, and set up a 24-hour surveillance for mosques.

Against many of our fellow believers, representatives of the Uyghur nationality, as a rule, the so-called campaign of «political education» is applied. When people who cause certain suspicions from the authorities, people attending mosques or simply consisting in group virtual chat rooms devoted to the topic of discussion of Islam, are detained and sent into custody for several months. Freedom is denied even for minor offenses, Uyghurs say. Local detention facilities are overcrowded, additional premises are leased for closed institutions.

They can also detain because of a picture of the Koran in your phone, some of the believers say. There are already cases of detention in such situations. Moreover, they are detained even when crossing the border, when a person is scheduled to leave the country to rest or visit relatives. But someone is not lucky and go beyond the line separating the Heavenly Empire from another world, it is already impossible. After all, the tightening begins even earlier – the Uighurs are deprived of their passports, and those who still left and came back are interrogated. Many therefore are afraid to go back out of fear of falling under the millstone of the police regime.

There are many similar facts. And these are only those that have become known to the general public. And cases of harassment and harassment relate, as mentioned above, not only to the religious background. Dozens of people, ranging from farmers and shepherds to students and officials, were detained because they discussed plans to emigrate outside the country through the «We Chat» application, which, of course, is strictly controlled in police China.

These extremely aggressive and intrusive restrictions, even the personal life of the Uyghurs, by the Chinese state will only provoke the anger of the Uyghur people», the Uyghur American Association leadership notes. Internal resistance, meanwhile, also causes a policy of explicit displacement of the «uncomfortable» ethnos from the multinational Xinjiang. Since the late 1990’s, the Communist Party of China has been carrying out the so-called equalization policy of the regions, it has led to the fact that the number of initially dominant Uyghurs was actually equal to the Han Chinese, that is, the Chinese population. Given that the Uyghurs are the Turkic indigenous people of Eastern Turkestan, this is the historical name of the XUAR.

Today the number of Uyghurs does not exceed 10 million people, this is about 45% of the population of the region. At the same time, Xinjiang occupies one sixth of the entire territory of the country, but in fact, the huge region is sparsely populated. So the Chinese functionaries have much to move the Han. And where to drive out the Uyghurs living there from ancient times. In all other provinces of China, the attitude towards Muslims is more tolerant, but only in the XUAR the authorities allow themselves a policy of terror towards those professing Islam as a tool to deter aggression by the peoples inhabiting Xinjiang. But the process generates a natural rejection and an inner deep resistance. Therefore, the problem of Uyghur ethnic minority in China will seem to only grow and worsen, due to the actions of the authorities of the country, who do not understand that punitive measures, as a rule, do not solve the problems, but only force the suffering from them to go underground or to openly rebel. The third, as a rule, is not given.

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