– The government has imposed regulatory duty on the import of liquefied natural gas which would increase the selling price of the commodity, pressurizing general public to buy costly LPG.

The government through notification informed the LPG distributors and importers that levy has been imposed which would sought final nod from the Economic Coordination Committee.

However, chairman of LPG distributors Association told Dunya News that the decision from the government has been harsh. The gas consumption in winter increased substantially and levy on LPG would add burden on the common man to cook meals.

The increase worked out to be Rs 4669 per metric ton and after sales tax it would worked out to be Rs 5463 per metric or the cylinder of 11.8 kg would be costlier by near Rs 76.

Irfan Khokar said the decision from the government has been harsh as the domestic demand has been around 4500 metric ton, while the local production has been around 2000 metric ton, rest or more than half met through imports.

The government should withdraw this decision, the association has called an emergent meeting and soon decision to close down our outlets would be taken till such time that the decision of levy won’t be reverted.