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Fighting fear: Women in Karachi take up self-defence classes to battle knife attackers

With the unfortunate rise in the number of stabbing incidents in Karachi, the women of the coastal city rather than staying back at homes, have started seeking martial arts training for self-defence.

In Karachi’s Tai Center, girls are not only being skilled with the art of self-defence, but in order to thrash the attacker are also being trained to react with counter attacks. The women are being taught to unarm the attacker in an exclusive training against the knife stabbers say that they have had enough of the notorious bikers and now are prepared to face and teach them a lesson anytime, anywhere.

Talking to Dunya News, a trainee told how she and other girls have been skilled to make use of their senses more than people usually do, and react to hostile situations in a better way.

The instructor of the martial arts club, Qamar Siddiqui told Dunya News that the club has launched the free training project for the self-defence of women, and it is open-for-all.

“We aim to teach women how to protect themselves from any threats in the society,” he said.

For more on this watch a report by Dunya News below.

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