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Mumbai police registers FIR against Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor

Mumbai police has registered an FIR against popular Indian actor Rishi Kapoor after a complainant accused him of posting nude and pornographic image of a child on his Twitter handle.

The complaint was filed by children s rights activists Advocate Adil Khatri. Jai Ho Foundation general secretary accused Rishi of posting an offensive picture of a child. “We don’t know who the child in the picture is, but it is offensive as the child is naked and a headphone has been stuck into his private parts,” Khatri told Indian media.

He further said that the 64-year-old actor needs to be taught a lesson as he uses social media in an inappropriate way, explaining that a complaint has been filed with Mumbai Police Cyber Cell and Ministry of Woman and Child Development against the Bollywood star. Khatri disapproved Rishi’s attitude towards children and highlighted that a nude photo of child was posted through his Twitter handle @chintskap.


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