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Farmer allegedly tortured by landlord in Sargodha

According to a report, in a shocking incident, a landlord brutally tortured a tenant farmer by cutting off his ear, and breaking his legs.

In Chak No.9, Shamali, Balawal – a local settlement of Sargodha, landlord Irshad Ashraf with the help of his brothers, and six other men have allegedly tortured a 52-year-old farmer Muhammad Riaz whose buffalo had entered the landlord’s field and grazed his crops.

Annoyed by the act, Irshad ordered his brothers Naveed and Asghar to bring Riaz to his outhouse where after breaking his legs, the blindfolded farmer’s nails were pulled out with pliers, and his ear was cut off with a knife, reported BBC Urdu.

After the assault, the unconscious victim was thrown outside his house by the culprits, who also threatened to kill them if they reported the incident to the police.

Later, Riaz was rushed to the Sargodha District Headquarters Hospital by his cousin, who also filed a complaint against the landlord and his accomplices.

The local police claims to have taken in custody three of the accused – Sajjad, Naveed, and Asghar.


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