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Non-democratic process reproducing oppression and dictatorship in country,Bahrainian opposition

MANAMA:The National Democratic Opposition parties in Bahrain said that the injustice of a discriminatory election system is a form of political persecution, which has been used against the Bahraini people to deprive them of their will. They added that unfair electoral districts lead to unsuccessful elections, as well as reproducing oppression and dictatorship in the country.

On 11th February 2014 the opposition parties held the fifth consecutive peaceful rally marking the 14th February uprising that broke out three years ago. The rally took place in Bilad Al-Qadeem, west of the capital Manama. In the final communiqué, the opposition parties emphasized “The Bahraini people have been calling for a productive political process to create a system that will lead to the founding of a modern state in Bahrain, which is based on good citizenship. The Bahraini people are calling for a parliament with full powers through fair elections where all votes are equal, they are calling for an impartial independent judiciary that provides security for all.”

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