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No coexistence with Taliban: Rally led by Altaf Hussain resolves

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain said in his telephonic address on Sunday that Pakistan’s existence is threatened adding that those who support Taliban are hypocrites and not Pakistan’s friends.
Addressing a rally held in solidarity with armed forces, Altaf Hussain said that external forces have abused Pakistan for their own agendas; world wants to see India playing a role in the region and that India wants to see a disintegrated Pakistan, he claimed. If we’re strong internally, no external power can disintegrate us, he said.
Altaf Hussain said the army should step ahead as it has backing of every Pakistani. Dedicating the rally to martyrs of the country, he said that whoever supports Taliban is a traitor of Pakistan.
Altaf Hussain said that Pakistan’s existence is under threat and isolated among the international community.
Those who slaughter innocent children and blow up schools are beats, he said.
MQM Chief said that these people were brainwashed and funded in the name of Afghan war and that we supported America in the name of cold war. Taliban were meant to be used against Soviet Union, he said while alleging that America used Muslims against Russia.
Assuring the support to Pakistan army, Altaf Hussain said that every Pakistan stands united in support of armed forces. He said that he had warned about the threat of Talibanization years ago adding that his statement about Karachi being infiltrated by Taliban was made fun of.
The rally also approved a resolution that said Taliban and Pakistan cannot coexist.
Taliban terrorists should be severely dealt with; pro-terrorism organizations should be strictly boycotted, he said.
“We term the acts of terrorism as un-Islamic,” he said. “We send tributes to all martyrs who lost their lives in terrorist attacks.”
MQM’s resolution also said that Pakistan is not anyone’s property and that everyone is equal.

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