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Kashmir Solidarity Day observed in Berlin

BERLIN:Pakistani community, living in Berlin and its surrounding areas staged a Protest demonstration to express their solidarity with their Kashmiri brethren on the eve of Kashmir Solidarity Day.

The protester were holding placards depicting the atrocities being committed by Indian Forces against the innocent people of Indian Held Kashmir and distributed pamphlets narrating the plight of people of Kashmir and the pledges made by the Indian leadership and the UN Security Councils’ resolutions. They urged the Indian Government to hold plebiscite as per United Nation Security Council’s resolutions on J&K and stop human rights violations in the Kashmir Valley.

The demonstrators also drew the attention of the International Community towards the recent human rights violations by Indians and demanded that the international community should play its role to force the Indian leadership to fulfill the promise and commitments made by the first Indian Prime Minister Mr. Jahwar Lal Nehru with the people of Kashmir regarding self-determination as well as force them to create conducive environments for holding plebiscite as per UN Security Council’s Resolutions.


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