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Kashmir Council EU to hold demonstration on Indian Republic Day

Brussels:(PR) Kashmir Council EU would hold a protest demonstration on the occasion of Indian Republic Day (26th Jan) in front of Indian Embassy in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

A meeting of the council which was presided by the Council’s Chairman Ali Raza Syed in Brussels decided that the council would observed the Indian Republic Day falling on 26th January as black day and the peaceful demonstrators in front of Indian Mission would demand New Delhi to give right of self-determination to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
The peaceful demonstration would begin from 10:30am on 26th January at 217, Chaussee de Vleurgat 1050 Brussels and a protest memorandum may also be handed over to the officials of the embassy.
In a statement issued at the conclusion of the meeting, Ali Raza Syed said, Indian claims for being largest democracy of the world but it refuses the democratic rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir as atrocities against the people are continued. He said, peace in Kashmir is connected to the whole region. If Kashmir is witness of peace, the whole region would be witness of peace and prosperity.
Chairman Kashmir Council EU Ali Raza Syed said that Kashmiri nation is not ready to compromise on their right to self determination.
On the Indian, republic day, we simply want to convey a message to Indian state and government that there is no point in glorifying the democracy if people are living in misery under the might of the gun. If democracy is all about the individual’s rights and freedom, then I must remind the Indian state that a nation is clamouring for its right to live in dignity, its right to decide about its future, its right to rule and above all, its right to freedom. Needless to say, the so-called “biggest” democracy of the world, India is ruthlessly suppressing these rights and continuously killing the innocent Kashmiri people at will.
If democracy is all about justice, then I must say that our fellow Kashmiris are not getting the justice even after six decades.
He said, at this moment, I salute the brave and committed struggle of our brothers and sisters in the held Kashmir fighting peacefully.
The Kashmir Council’s press release also announced that Kashmir Council EU would organised ‘Solidarity Day’ on 5th February with the collaboration of other organisation particularly Kashmir Centre Holland in Brussels.

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