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Bahraini Govt bans prayer in Al-Barbaghi mosque

MANAMA:The Saudi  supported regime in Bahrain has once again prevented citizens from praying in the Barbaghi historic mosque. The mosque is one of the 30 mosques that were demolished during the state of emergency following the 2011 uprising.
The Bahraini Regime has deliberately blocked citizens from reaching the site of the demolished mosque by besieging the area with barbed wires. The regime forces were heavily deployed to forcefully impose the authority’s plan to relocate the mosque from its original place Activists say the relocation is part of attempts to uproot historic milestones. The relocation of the mosque is considered religiously unacceptable and against religious freedom that is guaranteed by international covenants.
Al-Barbaghi mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Bahrain and was built over 400 years ago. It contains a grave of an old Islamic Scholar which has also been destroyed by the regime.

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