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PakTurk science fair concludes

ISLAMABAD:The third Eye Exhibition came to a successful conclusion after winning attention and appreciation of general public, educationists, top officials and diplomats.

Students participating in the expo demonstrated the skills to bring science, philosophy and art together to offer valuable lessons.

The 3D models showcased at the exhibition offered the visitors a unique chance to see, hear and relate art with human values. Stalls offering Turkish cuisine were also an attraction for the visitors.
Chairman CDA Nadeem Hassan Asif, Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan Sadik Babur Girgin and other dignitaries visited the expo and lauded the efforts of arranged by PakTurk International Schools aPakturk-1nd Colleges.

They listened to the explanations, insights and intellectual ideas of the students. Admiring their endeavour, they said that such events contribute to the society through forging a positive development of today’s youths.

The event was open general public as well as students, teachers, scientists, policymakers and the media. The visitors appreciated the effort and said that such expos provide a unique opportunity for them to interact with students and ask them questions about their work.

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