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A protest against occupation of Kashmir held in front of Indian Embassy in Holland

DENHAAG: Kashmir Council EU (KC-EU) and Kashmir Centre Holland held a protest demonstration in Holland against occupation of Kashmir by Indian forces for last six decades.

The protesters made an urgent appeal to the international community to come forward and ask India to grant the people of Kashmir their inalienable right of self-determination.


The protest was staged in front of Indian embassy in the city of Hague in Netherland on Sunday. The demonstration was held by the council with collaboration of Kashmir Centre Holland with collaboration of other organisations on the occasion of ‘Day of Occupation’ of Kashmir by the Indian forces.

Indian foreign occupation forces entered Kashmir on October 27th, 1947 and the Kashmiris of both parts of Indian Held (IHK) and Pakistan Administered (AJK) and based in other parts of the world observe the day as black day.


Leading the demonstration in Hague, Chairman Kashmir Council EU, Ali Raza Syed and Kashmir Centre Holland Executive Director Raja.Zeib Khan handed over a protest memorandum to the Indian Embassy’s officials.

The memorandum asked the India to withdraw its forces from the held Kashmir and allow the Kashmiris to decide freely about their political future.

The memorandum also demanded impartial investigation of thousands of unnamed mass graves discovered in IHK. If India is not presenting the culprits involved in the killing of the innocent people buried in the graves, the International community should pressurized India to present the responsible personnel.

Speakers at the demonstration said, India is a flagrant violator of international law, in particular reference to the mass graves, rapes, murder, forcible arrest of Kashmiri leaders, imprisonment, coercion and fear in the held Kashmir.

The protesters also gathered in front of Dutch parliament and called upon the international community to take serious notice of situation in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK).

On the mass graves in IHK, the demonstrators demanded the International community to despatch independent teams to investigate the issue.

The speakers of gathering reiterated that the people of Kashmir should be given neither more nor less a self-determination vote which should be conducted and monitored by the United Nations and international observers.


They said that peace in South Asia in general and Kashmir in particular is too important to be left to two rivals alone with their own self-interests guiding their management. The speakers urged both India and Pakistan to include the recognized leadership of Jammu & Kashmir in all future negotiations on the issue, emphasizing that with Kashmiri participation, anything is possible but without it, nothing is.


The demonstrators led by Kashmir Council EU Chairman Ali Raza Syed and Kashmir Centre Holland Chief Zeib Khan carrying placards chanted anti Indian slogans and called the international community to interfere to stop the large scale human rights violation in IHK.

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