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Foreign affairs committee calls on Egypt to retake path to democracy

Brussels: The EP’s foreign affairs committee has called on the Muslim Brotherhood to return to the negotiation table and give up violence. The committee held a special meeting on 28 August, during which members debated how to get the troubled country back on the track to democracy. They also insisted on better protection for Christian Copts after 40 of their churches were burnt by Islamic fundamentalists.

Egypt has been in turmoil ever since the army took over the reins due to disagreements with the government led by the Muslim Brotherhood. The European Parliament has been concerned about the outbreaks of violence in the country and supports a rapid return to the democratic process, including the holding of free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections.

Committee chair Elmar Brok, a German member of the EPP group, said: “We have to see what is helpful for the ordinary people, for the young people, and therefore the programmes of the European Union should support these people and be used to introduce again the roadmap to democracy as it was promised by the present government.”

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