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India should disclose whereabouts of missing people in IHK: Says Ali Raza Syed

Brussels: Kashmir Council EU Chairman Ali Raza Syed has urged international community to pressurize Indian government in order to disclose whereabouts of missing people in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK)
In a statement issued here in connection with International Day of Disappeared Persons, Ali Raza Syed said, it is duty of Amnesty International, Asia Watch and the UN Human Rights Council to conduct probe into the enforced disappearances and the mass graves discovered in IHK.
He said, a large number of Kashmiri youth have been killed in the recent years and such genocide is continued unabated.
Thousands of unnamed graves have been discovered in the different areas of IHK and it is firmly believed that most of the buried in the graves are Kashmiri youth died in the fake encounters with the Indian security forces.
This genocide of the Kashmiri people should be stopped immediately, military personnel involved in extra judicial killings should be brought to the justice. The International Community should come forward and voice their concerns, the chairman Kashmir Council EU concluded.
Ali Raza Syed announced that the council would continue its struggle to highlight the conflict of Kashmir at international level.
He asked the international community including UN and EU to pressurize New Delhi to stop the human rights abuses perpetrated by the Indian forces in the Indian held Kashmir (IHK).
He also called India to end of atrocities against the people of Kashmir by th Indain secuurity forces and  implimentation of US Secuity council resolutions on Kashmir dispute.
He expressed his concerns on continued and unabated use of torture, rape which has been a routine of Indian occupation governance in Kashmir for the last 63 years and most recently killing of more innocent civilians in occupied territories and on the Line of Control (LOC).
He strongly condemned the atrocities, massacres, extra-judicial murders, custodial deaths, reprisal killings, arbitrary detentions, torture, destruction of houses, shops and villages and rape which are being used as instruments of suppression by the Indian Government through its military, paramilitary and mercenary forces.
He asked India to immediately repeal the draconian Laws i.e. AFSA (Armed Forces Special Act) and PSA (Public Safety Act) that are enacted within Kashmir, as tool of Occupation.

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