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Lottery emails scams-beware!

(Pakistan)These days everytime you open your mail, you may come across emails of congratulates declaring you winners of millions of £/$.
The mails will be coming from various corners, using logos of not just companies but the agencies like UNO n FBI etc.
Recently there is another such way to lure public to trap,is by showing them allthe process having been done. Just pay the local clearence and collect millions. The consignment agent pressented himself as a diplomat having arrived in Islamabad to deliver the package but required to pay not in person the duties/ clearance charges but to send to another person’s account. You pay the amount and all connections will stop responding. You refuse to pay it will be showed as if nothing happened. the response will be the consignment is cancelled. As for instance the passport copy image is attached here who called himself a british diplomat assigned duty to convey the consignment. Does such duties fall under their jurisdiction? Is he truly a diplomat? was he a part of the scam/ fishing scheme must be confirmed by the UK agencies. primafacie all documents/ correspondence appears to be fake because they contain errors n mistakes of facts n figures. sometimes you may find errors in figures anf sometime in facts including other grammatical mistake enough to render the entire document useless. Just see the difference at one place asking to pay Rs. 65000/- and in the subsequent email askinf to pay 655000/-
‘Let it be known to you that all taxes has been paid by ENGLAND CHEVROLET MOTORS UNITED KINGDOM, Therefore, you will only be required to pay LOCAL Custom Duty, Custom Notarization Clearance Fee 65,000 PKR to Pakistan custom duty fee in clearing of your consignment from the custom duties in your country Pakistan.’ email sent on 23-7-13 shows it thus, ‘ The Pakistan Custom Authority are requesting for the Clearance / Registration charges of your Winning Parcel, which is 65,5000 PKR. He says, ‘My Name is Diplomat Mr. John Coleman of Chevrolet Motors Lottery Promotion United Kingdom , i am sent from UK to Pakistan for the delivery of your Winning Parcel, under instruction from Dr. Anderson Wayne of Chevrolet Motors Lottery Promotion United Kingdom’ . and ‘ due to the nature of my job as i am here on a DIPLOMATIC VISA and i have to come down to your Home Address immediately as soon as you pay the Clearance / Registration charges. His name and email:Diplomat Mr. John Coleman .Email: dip-johncoleman1@live.co.uk.
It is on the UK agencies to verify the rest.The passport copy as sent may also be a fake document. The gurantee letter includes no names, and references are also quite old in years.Public should avoid falling victm to such fishing scams and save their savings and hard earned money.



The public is advised to be careful in this regard.

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