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Poland, Czech Reluctant on Blacklisting Hizbullah

Awaz News:  As for the Dutch representative, he had expressed unreserved support for the British proposal to blacklist Hizbullah.

The Wall Street Journal has also reported that Austria is opposed, while The Jerusalem Post quoted unnamed “Israeli” officials as saying that Ireland was also against.

The source also reported that a Bulgarian representative said the link between Hizbullah and the Burgas explosion was “weak,” and earlier this month, Bulgaria stated it only had an “indication” not solid proof that Hizbullah was behind the Burgas bus bombing in July, which does not justify any European Union move to list it as a terrorist group.

 “It is important that the [EU] decision be based not only on the bombing in Burgas because I think the evidence we have is not explicit,” Foreign Minister Kristian Vigenin, whose government took office last week, told national state radio BNR.

 According to the source, representatives from the Baltic nations were among several envoys who stayed silent during the discussion.

 On Wednesday, EU spokesman David Kriss responded to various accounts of the June 4 meeting with a general statement, saying that “any decision requires the unanimous support of all of 27 EU member states.”

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