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Budget 2013: Once again Billions eschewed in the name of subsidy

(Lahore) The Punjab Government is making high claims on the Budget 2013 for the province. The total volume of the budget is 897 Billion rupees. Contrary to the statements issued by the various sectors the budget is claimed to be a very balanced one.
The government has announced a number of taxes and cancellation of discretionary grants to the Ministers but most people have perhaps missed looking to the huge amount of 36 Billion of subsidies in the form of Cheaper Flour, Ramzan Package and Public Transport. Everyone knows that these amounts bring no change except filling the pockets of the few. It is through this type of amounts that Punjab government is trying to lay hand on. These packages bring in nothing for the public. These are just political shows through which millions of rupees will be usurped. Loop holes of corruption must be closed if real change is needed.
Punjab Government Employees Housing scheme has failed miserably to bring about positive results. Retired Employees are now asking for at least Plots to be delivered instead of constructed houses. Aashiana schemes are also going to prove wastage of funds.
The world believes in work, our religion supports worker then why should government announce any thing free to anyone where neither goods nor services are got in exchange. This practice is also against the injunctions of Sharia’at and Islam. No employment opportunities are there in the budget, no national projects, no sound resolution to power shortage except allocating huge amounts for the purpose.
In order to curtail corruption in the departments pay should have been increased keeping in view the price hike ratio or rate of inflation instead their services to the nation have been completely overlooked and they have been considered a burden on the economy . This like attitude towards the working class is extremely derogatory and negative for the future development of the country.

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