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UK Muslim extremists threaten Belgium in online video

Brussels: Belgian authorities are treating with the utmost seriousness a video from Muslim extremist movement Sharia4UK which appears to contain threats aimed at Belgium, De Gazet van Antwerpen and Het Belang van Limburg report. In the video, Abu Abdullah Al-Britani and Anjem Choudary, the leaders of the movement, appear to threaten Belgium, referring to the arrest of Sharia4Belgium spokesman Fouad Belkacem. “If Muslims are prosecuted, then there will be a revolution, and only God knows what the consequences will be for Belgium,” says Anjem Choudary in the post on YouTube. “Whoever forces Muslims to silence will encounter problems. A whole generation will then arise, which will do more than just talk. Do not provoke Muslims.” Al-Britani ends the video with a threat against Belgium: “We are coming to destroy you.” The film is disturbing, according to Peter Velle, an expert in Islamic extremism. “Anjem Choudary is under surveillance by the British security services. He is a fundamentalist who has ties to convicted terrorists. He was also the mentor of suicide bombers in London on July 7, 2005.” Sources within the Ministry of Justice confirmed that these films were being taken seriously because of who the messengers are: “They have already done it in 2005. They never organise an attack themselves, but hope that someone will hear and follow their message.”

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