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Nawaz may be Prime Minister for a 3rd Term

(Lahore)The General Election 2013 in Pakistan have written a new history with landmark achievement of PML (N) and has paved the way for Nawaz Sharif to be the PM for a 3rd Term.
In the wake of high hopes of PTI and Imran Khan’s slogans of hunting down the Toger ( PML-N’s Symbol), views of senior politicians,huge public meetings and apparent support of the general public the results show an entirely contrasting picture. PML-N might itself was not expecting these type of results. However it is now beyond any doubt that PML (N) has made a landmark achievement with huge majority in the elections 2013 though may results are yet to come.
emerged as the winner. The PML leaders have all ready started declaring him as the new PM and issuing statements declaring their policies for future.
Nawaz Sharif has unequivocally declared that he will respect the manifestos of the other parties ( pointing PTI perhaps) the second big political force that has emerged in these election).
Whatever may be the image of Nawaz Sharif on international level but one thing is clear he is now the voice of the Peoples of Pakistan . He will hopefully not play puppet in the hands of the major players. Neither will he have an excuse as in the past.
The people have given the mandate and now it is the turn of the PML Government to prove worthy of this much support. The counting process is still on. The clear figures of the winning seats by each party will be soon evident. The role of opposition in the coming days can never be overestimated as the major parties may be sitting in opposition now. The PML appears least interested in sharing power with other parties. However the things will be cleared gradually.

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