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Mismanagement of Election Material Distribution of NA-119/ PP 141-142

Lahore(Rep.) Greatly inconvenient show of mismanagement was witnessed at District Courts Campus because of mismanagement of Returning Officer ASJ NA-119 Lahore (II) Sajjad Hussain Sindhar. Presiding Officers belonging to various Teaching and non-teaching Professions and posted at high positions suffered great humiliation due to late distribution of Election materials. The poling staff was called at 8.00 a.m. but the R.O and the materials reached the distribution spot nearly at 4.00 p.m. The distribution process started at nearly 5.00 but due to concentration of power and distributing material with his own hand only one point delivery was opened. As a result distribution process moved very slow, In the end it was so confusing that no body knew what was happening. Army men, policemen, poling staff everybody was accusing and threatening each other. The distribution continued even after 11.00. The polling Staff regretted the behavior of the R.O Staff and in annoyance sent messages of inability of the distribution staff to the election commission and the media men. Dust storm and the rain fall added to the misery of the staff a lot. The Election Commission takes any action in this regard or not is a matter to be seen.

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