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Did Imran Khan fail-Election 2013 Pakistan

(Lahore) Some People think that Imran Khan has failed. No surely. He has made a substantial entry into politics. In the recent unofficial incomplete results of Poll 2013 update at 2.00 p.m PTI of Imran Khan has secured 26 seats in the National Assembly and more seats are expected. In the Provincial assemblies as well PTI has arisen as apolitical entity.

Imran khan had been anticipating sweeping victory for the system he wanted to introduce in the country needed full and equivocal support in his mission by the public. Definitely he could not get sweeping victory as he expected but his achievement will never be neglected and change will surely be seen due to his manifesto and presence in the political system. He has changed the mind set of many and will continue to affect future politics. In a recent meeting with fellow politicians Nawaz Sharif has declared that the mandate of all the parties will be considered. His remarks surely point towards Imran Khan.

Imran Khan made his mark
Imran Khan made his mark

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