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EU Policy towards Middle East

Imran Saqib: Brussels

This is important to know that what’s going on in the neighbor hood of Europe  specially when no one imagine that what will happen in coming few years. We live in a world where the power of image and ability on gross root communication with each other in various means have a powerful impact and source of information to understand the situation.

I want to share some news with you and a bit discussion on that issues. I am sure that you are following the news are being published in the European papers in last couple of weeks.

One week ago there was a news that 12 Belgian youngsters are died in Syria during fight against Bashar al Asad, and one journalist of Belgian newspaper from Lebnan send news that several hundreds of europen youngesters  are still fighting there.

The chief of Belgian intelligence Andre Vandoren mentioned in his interview to a local tv that normally we don’t know that who are they but they will be dangerous when they will come back.

And One of the Imam of a local mosque who looked into this case said that several of them are back. So danger is there.

One of my source informed me that minimum 5 thousand youngsters from only 5 European countries (UK, France, Germany, Holland and Belgium) got commando war training. Almost three weeks ago there was a news that from the house of an Algerian in Anderlecht here in Brussels police got heavy guns, grenades and other explosive material in one raid, we don’t know how many others have the same material at their houses. Still there are more news which are the sign of danger for the society.

One thing is important to know that all of them are born and brought up in Europe and most of them are kids of Arab parents.

We have to think…… that is this due to wrong policy of EU towards Arabs or there is some thing else in the bottom?


If we see in the Arab spring and European attitude, then we will see that it was started due to discrimination in education, jobs and other facilities, and now this is in its second faze. The first faze was ended after the change in Tunisia and Egypt. A friendly dictator for EU and US Ali Zain al Abdeen. He was a “good” dictator, when French President Mr. Sarkuzi asked him to send pera military forces to help him and  said that we are good to do it, Mr. Zain al Abedeen was in the craft to Saudi Arabia and now there is religious extremist regime in power.  Although in Egypt the movement was started in the middle of 2007 with strikes in the factories by labor unions for their basic rights in small cities and all that efforts bring this movement to Tehreer Squire.

The fall of Tunisian regime helped them and Muslim brotherhood enter into the seen strongly. US and EU tried their best to safe Mubarak but there was no way and at the end we lost Husni Mubarak and Ikhwan al Muslimeen came in power finally.

In the same time in Yemen, Bahrain Libya and Syria also started the demonstrations against the long lasting dictatorships. I have one more news concerning Libya, This is about the high level visit to Tripoli (Libya) by Cecilia Malmström, European Commissioner for Home Affairs, and Štefan Füle, European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood policy was the culmination of increased dialogue and part of the new momentum in EU – Libya relations, marked by several positive developments:

They had an agreement with Libya and it was mentioned that

  • Good progress in the negotiations of the bilateral ‘Framework Agreement’, which will establish a very first official and legal relationship between the EU and Libya and open up many areas for working together.
  • Opening an EU Office in Tripoli, that should become operational very soon, as a demonstration of EU’s commitment to establishing a long-term relationship with Libya.

Commissioner Füle said: I welcome agreeing on this cooperation agenda because this is an important first step to solve the challenges,

And what was the second step? That we all know. Hillary Clinton said couple months before the attack that Qadafi is a moderate and the best leader in the rigine, and what happened in few months that he was killed by French and NATO forces even he transferred billions in UK and US banks in the mean times. The forces killed 40 to 50 thousand people there and all infrastructure. All religious extremists were launched in Libya. Now we can see that extremism is increasing there, even they brutally killed the Ambassador of US. If we look at Bahrain, the 85% majority is against the regime but EU is supporting the regime.  No one is helping the huge majority to get their rights for education, health jobs and proper place in politics. I met one MEP on this issue, he said that because Bahrain is one of the station of the oil and other trading ships goes to US from Persian Gulf so we don’t want no change, we will support the regime against the will of public. So one great Arab country is launching there Jehadies imported from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, who are helping the government against public, there are lot of atrocities but no body is saying even one word to stop this.

In Syria again France and Great Britain supporting the extremists, with weapons, man power, moral  and political help. The current news are the proof. Even the head of Al-Nusrah the largest opposition militant party has pledge allegiance to the leader of Al-Qaida Eyman ul Zawahri. So directly EU leaders are supporting Al-Qaida’s branch. Are we creating a new OBL in the state of Abu Mumahhad Al-Jawlani who is head of Al-Nsrah?

I belong to Pakistan and we  are passing through the experience with this Taliban mind set physically. Pakistan is one of the producer of these Jehadis on behalf of USA and Saudia against Russia and communism.i

Even USA it self import Shekh Yasin a leader of Muslim Brother hood from Egypt when he was in Jail and establish a new mosque in Brookland and start recruitment of Jehadis for Afghan Jihad and they launched them in the field.

As after 9/11 when Pakistan allowed US and agree to give all support to crush these Jehadies…. they bite back to Pakistan and up till now there are almost 30000 innocent people have been killed by them in 11 years and no any institution is safe from them.

I don’t know that any European state is behind these Jehadis who are going there in Syria or any where else, but if yes….. then this is again a mistake like we did in Afghanistan so we should get ready to face the same reaction like Pakistan is facing and if there is no any involvement of state aliment then again this is related to the EU policy toward the middle east.


Secondly EU always support the economic sanctions of the countries which are ruling by disagreeable or contentious leader in the following of USA. We know that these sanctions never affect the rulers, general public is always victims of these sanctions. Food, energy sources, house holdings, travelling sources like oil for passenger crafts and their spare parts, even all type of economic sanctions effect on public directly and it create hatred against the sanction operators۔


European parliament published a statistical book “Muslims in Europe”, they mentioned that according the statics of UN that in 2040 the Muslim population of EU will be 55% of total. Most of them are Arabs. In this snerio we have to rethink about our policy. Instead of Economic sanction there should Political isolation, militant involvement should be replaced with table talk with taking care of their autonomy and fair deal should be placed instead of  double standard policy. Other wise we are sowing thorns for our next generations for a short time benefit and producing new OBL’s and new terrorist groups that they can hit the  prosperity and peace of the continent.

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