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CM Punjab delivers Laptops to Teachers

Lahore:(correspondent) Today the CM Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif delivered Laptops to the teachers studying in M.Phil/P.Hd at GC University Campus.
A large number of teachers belonging to various colleges and universities were called to attend the ceremoney. The ceremony started hours late from its scheduled time. Naturally their was great fuss created by the angry crowed invited under mandatory attendance notices from the Education Department.
Many a teachers told the CM had been using the teachers even for his political compaign. They were there just to clap.
Furthermore, the Awaaz was informed that only the teachers-cum-scholars of the govt.-run Universities were being delivered the laptops. A great number of teachers were thus thrown out of the fold who were studying at other Chartered Universities. The neglected teachers said their should have been no such distinction between govt.-run and other universities as all are autonomous bodies and affiliated with HEC. They claimed that thier names were dropped just one day ago.
The teachers-cum-scholars also claimed that they equally deserved laptops to be delivered. It is all happening under the widely chanted slogans of transperency.
It was also brought under the notice of the Awaaz that the teachers

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