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Asma doesn’t qualify for caretaker PM slot: PTI

LAHORE: A Spokesman of Pakistan Tereek-e-Insaf said that the problem with Ms.Jehangir’s nomination was not her person but that she does not fit the qualifications that the party thinks are necessary for a caretaker Prime Minister.


It be recalled said the spokesman that PTI had laid down three necessary preconditions before somebody could be considered for the most important post of caretaker Prime Minister during the election period.
These are: The person nominated should be completely neutral; the person nominated should respect national institutions particularly the judiciary. The person nominated should have the necessary administrative experience to run the machinery of the state for the caretaker period and particularly able to ensure a free and fair election.


The spokesman said Asma Jehangir does not fit any of the above three criterion. She has frequently attacked Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf in the past and continues to do so.


According to her published statements, Ms Jehangir has termed PTI a “progeny of the establishment” and handmaiden of those wanting to derail democracy. These statements of hers have been spread over the last three years and show a consistent pattern of anti PTI behavior, the spokesman added.

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