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UN should implement its resolutions on Kashmir, Says Ali Raza Syed

BRUSSELS: Kashmir Council EU Chairman Ali Raza Syed has said that UN should implement the resolutions for peaceful solution of the Kashmir dispute as these resolutions are still viable.<
In a statement from Brussels on the day of right of self-determination, he said, the Kashmir dispute should be addressed in its right perception.<
He added that durable peace and stability in the region is linked with solution Kashmir and the dispute should be resolved as per the aspirations of Kashmiri people and the UN resolutions.
The resolutions of 5th January 1949 and 13th August 1948 passed by United Nations are guarantees for the durable peace and stability in the South Asian region and Kashmir issue should be resolved in light of the resolutions, he argued.

He said UN charter had accepted the right to self-determination for nations and though the right has been provided to East Timor and South Sudan but the Kashmir, which figures at top in the UN agenda is being ignored.
Ali Raza Syed called upon the UN that to fulfil demand of the people of Kashmir through putting its resolutions in practice. It is just demand of the people suffering since past 65 years”, he maintained.
Kashmiris should be allowed in a free environment to decide their political destiny and future. They should be provided an opportunity to choose their political fate, he continued. He further said the Kashmiris are determined to continue their struggle till complete success.
He also urged the international community particularly the USA, European Union and OIC to play role settling the lingering Kashmir dispute.
Chairman Kashmir Council EU asked the world community to take serious notice of issue of the disappeared people and discovery of thousands of mass graves in Indian Held Kashmir. He insisted that responsible should be brought to justice particularly families of the victims should be given relief by independent investigation and fair trial in the context.
He said, thousands of people, mostly young men, have been disappeared in IHK and there is believe that a large number of them were murdered extra-judicially and buried into unmarked graves.

He called for a thorough inquiry and a collection of DNA evidence to identify the people buried in the thousands of graves.

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