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Syria issues arrest warrants for Saad Hariri

DAMASCUS: The state prosecutor in Damascus has issued arrest warrants against Saad Hariri and against Okab Sakr,” an opposition member of the Lebanese parliament, SANA said.

A Lebanese security official confirmed the report, noting that the warrants “were received yesterday by the Lebanese authorities.”

The warrants were issued after Lebanese media outlets close to Assad s regime published wiretaps that apparently implicated Sakr in making arms shipments to Syrian rebels.

Last week, Sakr held a press conference claiming the recordings were distorted.

On Monday, a Lebanese military court summoned a senior adviser to Assad to testify in a case against a former Lebanese minister accused of plotting bombings at Syria s behest.

The governing coalition in Lebanon, which was dominated militarily and politically by Damascus for 30 years, is largely sympathetic to Assad s regime, but the Saudi- and Western-backed opposition is implacably opposed.

Hariri, scion of a billionaire business dynasty, spends most of his time outside Lebanon in France or Saudi Arabia.

His father Rafiq Hariri, who also served as prime minister, was killed in a massive truck bombing on the Beirut seafront in 2005.

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