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Rulers want to devour looted money under NRO: Imran

While talking to the media, PTI chairman Imran Khan has said that rulers of this country want to discredit the Supreme Court in order to conceal their corruption which they have been committed in the name of democracy and rule of law.

Throwing light on law and order situation in Karachi, he said that handful miscreants have taken the hub of economy hostage for their vested interests. The peace of city may be restored only when the main political parties and stakeholders show utmost sense of responsibility impressed by true passion of patriotism.

He said that the PTI would not stand by any status quo which has nothing to do with the national interests; rather it would launch its election campaign while keeping in the very interest of the nation which has been already leading a miserable life.

He said that it is clear violation of law that Sharif family is being provided security by 1200 policemen which is unbearable burden on the poor nation which already has been crushed by inflation, unemployment and poor governance.

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