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Lunar eclipse darkens westren US today

Stargazers in the western United States will be able to see the moon dip into Earth’s shadow during a minor lunar eclipse early on Wednesday November 28.

During the so-called penumbral lunar eclipse, the November full moon passes into the hazy outer edge, or penumbra, of the earth’s shadow, where the sun’s light is only partially blocked. The effect for an observer on Earth is a subtle, but perceptible, shadow that spreads over the moon’s surface.

Observers in East Asia, Australia, Hawaii and Alaska will be able to see the lunar eclipse from start to finish, weather permitting. Slooh officials will provide a free webcast at the eclipse’s peak time of 9:15 a.m. US EST (1415 GMT). That is about a half hour before the moon reaches its fullest phase of the month at 9:46 a.m. US EST (1446 GMT).

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